Vector Synthesis Micro-Fellowship


This project brings Nathan John Thompson and Matt Gingold together for the first time to explore the potential of vector synthesis by combining digital and analogue methods to create audio from video, and video from audio.


In the video below, analogue synth’s are creating these visuals – there is a one to one relationship between what you are hearing, and what you are seeing.

Video: Nathan John Thompson, July 2017 (original)

The images below are stills from Nathan’s extensive vector synthesis experiments.

Click on the images to see the Instagram videos or visit his Blog, Instagram or You-Tube to find out more about his practice.

The images below are from a range of Matt’s installations, experimental music performances and audiovisual designs for theatre and dance.

Click on the images to find out more, or explore the rest of this website or his Vimeo.

Generative Installation, commissioned for ‘What I See When I Look at Sound’

Filament Orkestra 2014

Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (AU)

Production & Audio-Visual Design for experimental new music performance

The Experiment 2014-15

Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide International Arts Festivals

Robotic Choreography commissioned by Ars Electronica

for Linzer Klangwolke 2012

Linz (AT)

Generative Installation, commissioned by the European Media Arts Residency and Exchange program.

Phase Orkestra 2015

Werkleitz (DE)

Collaborative Instrument Building & Performance

Club Transmediale Music Makers Hacklab

We Are The Robots 2019

HAU2 Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin (DE)

This is a screenshot from scientific visualization software I developed for Dynaikon during an Honorary Fellowship at the Open University (UK)

Medial Axis Visualization 2017-18

We were developing a novel algorithm for markerless motion capture and dance performance interaction