Matt Gingold is a transdisciplinary artist, programmer and hacktivist. With a practice that spans art, science and technology, his research and art works have received critical and popular acclaim.

As a collaborative, audiovisual designer working in the performing arts, he has helped to create award-winning works – for stage, screen, interactive installations and community projects – that integrate technology with contemporary narratives, often bridging cultural, social and technical divides.

As a solo artist his installations – often melding musique et vidéo concréte, generative/interactive systems with sculpture and light – interrogate the effects and affects of technology and the psychophysics of perception.

As a creative coder, and ‘untrained’ computer scientist, his research & development focus is predominantly in the application of analytic and machine learning approaches – with a specialty in applying GPU accelerated solutions – to audio and video recognition, generation and dispersion in the fields of HUI, performance, gesture and other somatic practices.

Fascinated – and deeply involved – in the application and deployment of technology; it’s role in the production of media, desire, perception and identity; Gingold is also deeply wary of technology.

Whilst it is often the context, means and subject of his works, his practice emerges from his ambivalence about consumer culture, the colonisation of the academy and the commercialisation of knowledge.

As such, the beauty and magic of technology are always evident in his distinctive works – and even his drier, scientific pursuits – but so too are technology’s false promises, failures and potential for abuse and alienation.

Artistic/Cultural Career

His work has been widely presented nationally and internationally, including at Ars Electronica (Austria), Werkleitz (Germany), Medialab-Prado (Slovenia), Teatro Mayor (Columbia), MOCA Taipei (Taiwan), Expo Bicentenario (Mexico), Seoul Festival (Korea), Melaka Festival (Malaysia), Simon Fraser University (Canada), OneArtSpace (NY), MONA’s Festival of Music and Art (TAS), Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (WA), Malthouse (VIC), Sydney Theatre Company (NSW), Carriageworks (NSW), Brown’s Mart (NT), Melbourne Museum (VIC) and the National Portrait Gallery of Australia (ACT).

Gingold has received several prestigious awards, residencies and fellowships, including being Artist-in-Resident at Ars Electronica’s FutureLab (Austria, 2012), Media-Lab Prados’ Interactivos (Slovenia, 2012), a workshop participant at CTM Transmedialle Hacklab (Berlin, 2019) and Yamaguchi Centre for Media Arts Inter-Lab (Japan, 2008), and a lead artist on many projects including, Aphid’s, Atelier Eden OzCo Arts Lab (2011-12).

He has won a Green Room Award for Best Video Design (Calpurnia Descending, 2014) and a Prix Ars Electronica Distinction in Interactive Media (It’s A Jungle In Here, 2012).

Code/Research Career

In 2008 his childhood obsession with photography and computers, combined with his VJ ‘career’, coalesced into the pursuit of real-time audiovisual software development. Learning c++ from the openFrameworks community – and later contributing as a senior developer – he discovered a deep passion for open-source principles (and lost years of his life to making codecs – H264, DivX, HAP – render multiple simultaneous streams of video, bigger, harder, faster – and completely free, open and accessible).

In 2010 he began working with the Microsoft Kinect, and wrote an ‘addon’ for openFrameworks called ofxOpenNI, which at the time was perhaps the most heavily used – world-wide – computer-vision library for realtime skeleton and gesture tracking in the creative coding community.

Since 2012 he has been increasingly working in the academic and scientific context as a machine learning and computer-vision researcher investigating algorithms for image recognition, generation, human user interaction, performance and other somatic practices.

Academic Career

He has received two honorary research fellowships in the field of applied computer vision, one at the School For Interactive Art and Technology, Simon Fraser University (Canada, 2012-2014); and one at The Open University (United Kingdom, 2017-2018).

He holds a Bachelor of Media Arts with Distinction from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and has dropped out of Arts, Law, Science and Electronic Design degrees at Melbourne University and RMIT.


His hobbies include dancing, DJing and writing – and having rejected – Msc/PhD applications due to a ‘lack of required undergraduate mathematics’.


2001: Bachelor of Media Arts with Distinction, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).


2019-2020: Freelance Installation, Event Management, PR and Communications for electronic music and performing arts festivals and venues. Recent clients: Beyond The Valley (Bar Management), Festival 23 (PR/Communications), Substation/Chamber Made (Installation).

2004-2020: Artistic Director, Trace Media, freelance audiovisual design and interactive installations for theatre, dance, museums, galleries and industry events. In addition to cultural and scientific collaborations, corporate clients include have included ACMI, Melbourne Museum, CSIRO, Hoyts Cinemas, Telstra, ABB Schweiz.

2017-2018: Lead Innovation Researcher and Programmer, Dynaikon, research and development of GPU accelerated computer vision, symmetry analysis and machine learning algorithms for human user interaction in the fields of dance, performance and gesture.

2004-2010: Technical Director, Experimenta Media Arts, organising insurance, transport and staffing for national and international tours, scoping commissions, consulting with artists, costing installations and major public projects, modifying and installing media artworks.

2003-2007: Teacher/Facilitator, ACMI Digital Storytelling, working with diverse community groups (eg., the deaf and blind, physically and mentally disabled, prisoners, at risk youth, sexual assault victims) to tell stories about their experience using digital tools.

2003-2009: Freelance VJ, many artists and venues, including Terriarki Anarki Saki (2003-7), First Floor (2003-6), Outpost (2006-9), Electundra (2005/8), Victorian Design Awards (2006), Melbourne International Arts Festival (2005/7) and the Big Day Out (2005-8).

1999-2000: Media Technology Officer, RMIT Library, scoping, deploying and servicing a 20 computer media-lab aimed at TAFE students studying in the media and design sectors.

1996-1998: Editor & Advertising Manager, Farrago Magazine, Melbourne University, advertising sales, editing, writing, design, photography, administration and the politics of free education.

Stage Productions

2014-5: Production & AV Design/System, The Experiment (Mark Ravenhill & David Chisholm) Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne International Arts Festivals.

2014: AV Design/System, Culpurnia Descending (SistersGrimm) Malthouse & Sydney Theatre Company.

2014: FX Tracking & Projection System, Multiverse (Australian Dance Theatre) The Space, Adelaide SA.

2014: Director/Composer, ZeroZero (Tony Yapp, Yumi Umiumare) Melbourne International Arts Festival.

2013: AV System, Prompter (Sam Fox/Hydrapoesis) Arts House, Melbourne VIC.

2011: Director/Editor, Tomb (Balletlab) Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart, TAS.

2011: AV Design & Composer/Performer, Eulogy of the Living (Tony Yapp) Melaka Festival, Malaysia.

2008: Video Design, The Zombie State (Daniel Schlusser) Melbourne University Theatre, Melbourne VIC.

2008: Video Design, Love Monkey (John-Paul Hussey & Kelly Ryall) Northcote Townhall, Melbourne VIC.

2007-11: AV Design/System, Great Wall of Books (Well Theatre) Touring: Macau, Mexico and Korea.

2006: AV Design/System, Ray of Glass Needles (P:Media Arts) Nextwave/Dancehouse, Melbourne VIC.

Selected Technical Direction/Installation (freelance)

2008: Playground ++, Experimenta Media Arts, Sculpture Square, Singapore (ISEA).

2008: NEW ‘08, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

2007: Cinema Paradiso, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

2007-9: Playground, Experimenta Media Arts, Touring 6 national venues.

2007: Baby Love, Experimenta Media Arts, Carriageworks, Sydney; Awesome Festival, Perth.

2006-7: Vanishing Point, Experimenta Media Arts, Touring 11 national venues.

2004-5: House of Tomorrow, Experimenta Media Arts, Touring 9 national venues.

2006: Monkey Bear Robot, Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

2006: Visual Arts Program, Melbourne International Arts Festival, 45 Downstairs & SPAN Gallery

2006: Under the Radar, Experimenta Media Arts, FACT, Liverpool.

2006: Commonwealth ’06 (Brian Massumi), Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

2006: Kubrik (Camera construction), Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

2005: White Noise (Ryoji Ikeda), Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

2005-6: Picturing the Old People, Experimedia, State Library of Victoria; Lyndon Gallery.

2005: Playengines (Novamedia), Experimedia, State Library of Victoria.

2004: Seoul International Media Art Biennale, Museum Of Art, Seoul, South Korea.

2004: Biennial Electronic Arts Perth, various artists, John Curtin Gallery, Perth.

Lecturing & Workshops (Selected Venues)

Artist Talks, Ars Electronica, PICA, CIA, Symbiotica, Werkleitz (2011-2015)

Physical computing & openFrameworks, Media-Lab Prado/Ljudmila (2012)

Introduction to openFrameworks, CIA Studios (Perth 2011)

Fringe Mentoring Program, Mentor for Jemma Woolmore (Melbourne 2010)

Curating Media Art Forums, OzCo/Experimenta Media Arts (Sydney, Adelaide, Perth 2008)

Digital Storytelling, ACMI, Community storytelling facilitation and production (2004-2007)

Victorian University of Technology, Media Hub, Alternative Media Art Careers Workshop (2006)

Artist Conversations, Nextwave Festival, Video performance dialogues (2006)

Victorian University of Technology, Media Hub, Programming for Art Workshop (2005)

Frame Rate (Time Webster) VJ workshops (2004)

Residencies, Grants and Awards

2019: CTM Music Hacklab, Berlin, Germany.

2017-18: Research Fellow (Computer Vision), The Open University, UK.

2017-18: Dynaikon: Computer Vision & Performance R&D Funding, Innovate UK, London, UK.

2016: Sonar Innovation Challenge, Barcelona, Spain.

2015: European Media Art Residency & Exchange Program, Werkleitz Gesellschaft, Germany.

2015: Green Room Award, Best Video Design (Calpurnia Descending).

2012-14: Research Fellow (Machine Learning), Simon Fraser University (SFU), Vancouver Canada.

2012: Prix Ars Electronica, Distinction in Interactive Art (It’s a Jungle In Here).

2012: Ars Electronica Artist-In-Residence, Novamedia/Australia Council, Linz, Austria.

2012: Media-Lab Prado Interactivos?’12 Ljubljana, Ljudmila Slovenia.

2011: Atelier Edens, Aphids/Australia Council Arts Lab.

2009: Aphids’ Tactical-Media Residency, Centre for Interactive Art/PVI, Perth WA.

2008: InterLab Camp, ANAT/Yamaguchi Centre for Arts and Media (YCAM), Yamaguchi Japan.


2016: SuperVision, Trienniale der Moderne, Dessau Germany (with dunutztmichnuraus).

2016: Longing & Forgetting, OneArtSpace, New York (with Thecla Schiphorst, Philippe Pasquire).

2015: Phase Orkestra, Move.On. Festival, Werkleitz Gesellschaft, Germany.

2014: Filament Orkestra, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth WA.

2013: Conversations, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne VIC (permanent installation)

2012: Domače Volt Orkestra, Media-Lab Prado, Ljudmila Slovenia (with Ben Ollsen and participants).

2011: It’s A Jungle In Here, Melbourne International Arts Festival (with Van Sowerwine, Isobel Knowles).

2012: Flying Falling Floating, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei Taiwan.

2010: The Perfect Artist, National Portrait Gallery of Australia, Canberra ACT.

2009: Circuit 8, Melbourne Fringe Commission, simultaneously at 8 artist-run galleries, VIC.

2007: Ghosts of the Uncivil Head, Bus Gallery, Melbourne VIC.

2006: That Pretty Little Thing You Can’t Ignore, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne VIC.

2004-5: ScreenTest, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne VIC (with Keely O’Shannessy).

Selected AV Performances

2019: CTM Hacklab Performance, Hua2, Berlin.

2015-2019: LED Installation & Performance, Station Endlos Klub (Halle) and at Feel, Artlake and Fusion Festivals, various locations, Germany.

2018: LED Installation & Performance, Tal der Verwirrung, Kater Blau, Berlin.

2017-2018: LED Installation, Bachstelzen/Stelzinger, Chaos Computer Club Congress, Leipzig.

2010: Roberto Morales, Live video, robotic instruments and audio-visual collaboration, Mexico.

2006: Black Arm Band, Director live camera, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Hamer Hall.

2006: Fusion Festival (Cabaret at the End of the World), Live video performance, Germany.

2003-4: Floating Point Curated live AV performance showcases, First Floor (with Keely O’Shannesy).

Audiovisual Consultation & Documentation (Selected Clients)

Balletlab – documentation of After, Tomorrow, Aviary, Thumb, Miracle & Amplification (2011-2016).

Secret/Sacred – 3D scanning and custom viewer for indigenous artifacts, Australian Museum (2011).

Gapuwiyak Calling – installation & video design for North East Arnhem Land community (2010-11).

Brown’s Mart (Darwin) – public art projection consultation for heritage theatre venue (2010).

ANZ Digital Screen – technical consultant for Docklands digital screen development (2009).

Daniel Crooks – technical consultation and render farm implementation (2009)

David Rozetsky – technical consultation and installation (2008).

Evolution of Fearlessness, Lynette Wallworth, Vienna (2006).

Cross Reference, Craig Walsh, Yokohama Triennial (2005).

Software Development (Selected Clients)

ABB Schweiz, two interactive installations for the corporate re-branding Gala event for a Swiss-Swedish multinational corporation operating mainly in robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment, and automation technology. It is ranked 341st in the Fortune Global 500 list of 2018 and has been a global Fortune 500 company for 24 years (2016).

ScreenWorlds ACMI, 25 interactive video jukeboxes for a permanent exhibition exploring Australian screen cultures (Flex/Flash) (2009-2019).

VoidLove Aphids Online video documentary exploring dark matter ( (Flex) (2010).

Other People, (AFC development) video/social networking site , (Streaming, Flash, PHP, Java) (2008).

Trading Post, Sensis, Help tutorial content and playback system, (Online, Flash, XML) (2008).

The Learning Federation, CSIRO, 6 learning components exploring physics for teenagers, (Online, Flash, XML) (2006).

Hoyts Cinema, PIVoD, movie information kiosks at premium Hoyts Cinemas around Australia (intra-net, Flash/Director, MPEG, XML/SOAP) (2005).

Ontario Science Centre, PIVoD, 6 interactive didactic installations exploring basic science concepts for kids (remote sensing/triggers, XML/SOAP/Socket) (2005).

Memory Grid, ACMI, Movie-on-demand kiosks (2004).