Above is a 30 minute recording of the installation, without any edits.
Since the work is a constantly evolving, with no beginning or end to the audio, listeners are encouraged to jump around in the track to experience the different textures produced by random interactions between the speakers and microphones.


Matt Gingold
DADDA Gallery Fremantle
Perth ― Australia ― 2023

Delay Orkestra focuses on the ways in which listening, sound, mental health and madness can be related through the process of repetition and transformation.

Inspired by Alvin Lucier’s seminal “I Am Sitting in a Room”, the work forms a circle of speakers and microphones that simultaneously play and record psychiatric descriptions of “mental disorder”.

Over 1400 samples are taken from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) and are spoken by Siri’s Australian voices, Karen and Lee.

As the recordings become more and more decimated by reverb and distortion, the circle of diagnostic whispers grows ever more vehement in continuous feedback.


Sound Design, Code & Electronics
Matt Gingold

Curated by
Billie Bushby & Alisa Blakeney

Delay Orkestra was exhibited as part of the group show – The Sea Shell Is Not the Sea Shore – exploring the intersection of sound and mental health alongside artists Zora Kreuzer and Jenny Hickinbotham.


4 x Custom PCB and Teensy with 16 x I2S 3W Amp,  Microphones and Speakers, Wire, Fishing Line, Platform IO/Teensyduino


Variable (as pictured)
1500mm W x 1500mm D (footprint)
1100mm H (to speakers)
3000mm H (to hang point)